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Spotting Asiatic Lions At Gir Wildlife Sanctuary 

Spotting Asiatic Lions At Gir Wildlife Sanctuary

Spotting Asiatic Lions At Sasan Gir Safari / Gir National Wildlife Sanctuary

Sasan Gir National Park is a proud place for every Gujarati. It is the first natural habitat of the Lions outside the African continent. The king of Jungle has their home in Gujarat State. The Gir National Park tour is one of the most famous things to do in Gujarat for its Asiatic Lions spotting in safari. The Gir Forest attracts hundreds of tourists every year from all parts of the country for this one of the rarest safari sightseeing of Lions in India. A few years back the Asiatic Lions in Sasan Gir was on a verge of extinction but the serious efforts of the state government and support of the local population help them to survive and gave a new life too.

The Gir National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary spread across more than 1400 square kilometers of land and into 3 states of Gujarat. However, tourists are allowed to stay within 250 square kilometers of the area only. Another part of the safari is reserved as a natural habitat for animals. A few years back the population of lions was reducing at an alarming rate and was counted around 20 only due to hunting activities and other infrastructural reasons. But with efforts form the Department of Forest, Government of Gujarat, NGOs and local tribe they reach more than 500 at a time of the last census in 2015. There are many developmental projects like railways, highways, trains and road corridors that are constructed in and around the area of Gir National Park & Wildlife Sanctuary, which are affecting the livelihoods of the Asiatic Lions. Not only lions but Gir Safari is also home to more than 200 rare species of birds, especially Pelicans & Indian Skimmers and more than 50 species of animals, reptiles and amphibians. Also, it is a habitat for famous Marsh Crocodiles at the Kamleshwar Dam. There is plenty to watch like vultures, leopards, antelopes and pythons as well.

The best part is exploring the Gir forest in Jeep safari. It is an embarking and adventurous 3-hour journey in an open jeep with a professional guide. It offers an incredible and never to forgot encounter and Asiatic Lion sightseeing from a very few meters in their natural habitat. Roaming around the guided path of the Gir National Wildlife Sanctuary in an open vehicle is sure to be one of the best things to do in Gujarat and a thrilling experience to remember for a lifetime.

Major Attractions & Things To Do In Gir National Wildlife Safari Tour

Lion Spotting At Gir National Wildlife Safari: This is a major attraction of the tour. Lion spotting in Gir Safari Park can be done through a licensed tour only provided by the forest department. This is a guided tour where open Jeep car with guide and 6 people allowed in a single ride. The Lion spotting in Gir Safari National Park can be done in three slots which are morning 6 AM to 9 AM, 9 AM to 12 PM and third slot of 3 PM to 6 PM. It is recommended to book your safari tour in advance as there are always a rush of tourist from all over the country. This lion tour of Gir Wildlife National Park is divided into 8 different zones and tourists are allocated randomly to different zones to manage traffic. The shorted zone is 22 kilometers while the longest zone is 45 kilometers.

Bird Watching: Gir Forest is also a home of exotic flora for more than 200 species of birds. Gir is mostly known for Lions only but very few people know that it is also a very important place for Indian Bird Conservation Network. The most amazing bird in Gir National Park is white-backed Vultures.

Spotting Rare Reptiles: Gir Park has more than 50 species of reptiles and amphibians. The in-bound Kamleshwar Dam, a large water reservoir withing a sanctuary is a famous place to see Marsh Crocodile in large numbers. Also there are rare species of snakes including Indian Kobra, Russell’s Viper, Saw Scaled Viper and Krait.

Devaliya Safari Park: Devalia Safari Park is one of the major things to do in the Gir Sanctuary tour. It offers a good opportunity for visitors to explore wildlife. Devalia Safari tour is conducted in a minibus that roams visitors across the small sections of the forest. This offers a good opportunity to not only spot lions but also other animals including Deer, Neel Gay, Sambhar, Wild Boars and Fox.

Gir Wildlife National Park and Gir Safari reserve closed from June 16th to October 15th every year. The best time to visit safari and do Lion Spotting is during the month from December to March. However, summer is also believed to be a good season to watch the Lions but not recommended for all due to hot weather.


Spotting Asiatic Lions At Gir Wildlife Sanctuary

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