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Offer Prayers At Somnath, Dwarka & Ambaji 

Offer Prayers At Somnath, Dwarka & Ambaji

Ambaji Shakrtipith Temple, banaskantha, Gujarat

Located near Gujarat – Rajasthan state border, this temple of Ambaji in Gujarat is one of the holiest and sacred most Shaktipeeth destinations for all Hindu pilgrimage in Gujarat. Even there are large numbers of travelers from across the nation we can see at Ambaji. The worshiping deity here is Goddess Amba Mata and the same at the historical destination of famous mountain hill Gabbar near the temple destination. The temple here has a history that belongs to the pre-Vedic era and which is very interesting to know as well.

The saga of Ambaji Temple dates back to eternity. It is from the time when the Goddess Sati, the divine consort of Lord Shankar burnt herself with the firepower of yoga. The act was considered to be a grand sacrifice made by Goddess in the presence of her father. When knowing this, Lord Shiva was deeply depressed and he destroyed the sacrifice the Daksha, the father of Goddess Sati. Also, Lord Shiva started the Tandava dance, known to be for universe destruction. He lifts the corpse of Goddess Sati on his shoulder and started moving with the depressing emotion. At this time Lord Vishnu uses his Sudarshan Chakra to cut off the body of Goddess Sati which was laid on the shoulder of Lord Shiva. Resulting in the corpse of the Goddess Sati got cut into multiple pieces and falls on the different parts of the earth. As per the Vedic texts, her heart fell on the Arasuri Hill, located on the Aravalli Mountain Range, known as Gabbar hills now. The location of Gabbar Hill is close to the origin of the River Saraswati. This is where the namesake temple of Goddess Amba Mata stands today.

The temple of Ambaji is unique in many ways. One of the quite remarkable things is that the temple shrine has no idol. Instead, it has only Shree Yantra which is even not visible by normal eye from distance and nor it can be photographed. To worship this Shree Visa Yantra one has to tie a bandage over his or her eyes. The real idol of Goddess Ambaji is at Gabbar Hill, which is known for Poornima Mela, devotees gathering on every full moon day.

Ambaji temple is made of white marble with silver-plated doors. The temple shrine has two doors only. The Shikhar cones of the Ambaji Temple is covered with Gold which is donated by devotees as a mark of their worship towards the Goddess Ambaji. Even many NRI Gujaratis have a special feeling about this temple. The red flag of the Ambaji temple can be noticed from a distance and the mesmerizing white marble structure with big open space in front of the temple which is known as Chachar Chowk is a place where sacred Havans are performed.

Being close to Rajashtan State Border, The temple of Ambaji can be visited throughout the year. However, the best time is to visit during the Late Monsoon to Pre Summer season where the temperature is a bit under control. The Ambaji Temple is well connected through rail and road from the main city Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar while the nearest airport is of Ahmedabad city.

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