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About Surat City

Popularly known as the diamond city of the India and world, Surat city is the most sparkling destination for diamond lovers. 90% of the total diamond sold in the world every year are either cut or polished in Surat city. Also, the city has its charm for silk fabric and cotton mills that generate the highest numbers of employees in the city. Surat has many other things to acclaimed like its cleanliness, Gujarati food, street food, nightlife, bakery products, beaches, handcrafted items and more. If you are looking to do great shopping with the best of the food and fun things then Surat is the best choice in India. Below are some of the amazing things that you can do in the Surat city.

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History of Surat CitySurat was believed to be developed by Brahmin man Gopi, who built city’s first water tank Gopi Tank in early 15th century.

History Of Surat City: It is believed that Surat City was founded by the Brahmin man named Gopi in the early 15th century. He build a water tank and named in Gopi Tank in 1516 and named the nearby area as Surajpur or Suryapur. This was the starting of history of the Surat City. Then after the area became famous and roughly in 1520 it started knowing as a Surat City. But even before that, the city was much explored by the foreigners and especially businessmen from the European countries. In 1514 the Portuguese traveler Duarte Barbosa visited Surat and mark it as a leading port on the western shore of the Indian peninsula. Historically Surat City was devastated twice in the early 15th century because of a major fire. It was rebuilt by the Mughals in the late 15th century. The Surat city was under the rule of Mughals for more than 400 years before Britishers took over the charge of it. The city has a long coastal belt along the Arabian sea and due to this reason, Surat was the favorite destination for sea trade during the 16th to 18th centuries. The Surat was known as India’s Western Gateway for its trade links. It was an important trade center for doing business with European countries and had enjoyed prosperity through it. Surat reached its pick of prosperity during the 16th and 17th centuries. Many European rulers like Britishers, Portuguese, French and Dutch battled to rule the city of Surat during this period and thanks to that the city has faced many international trade organizations. During the 18th and 19th centuries, Surat becomes the hub of Indian exports of textile and precious metals like Gold. Also, the major industrial growth of Ship Build prosper during this period at the bank of river Tapi.

Food In Surat: Surat city is known for its tasty delicacy. Surat is the heaven for taste hungry people. No matter what you try or eat in Surat, the taste of the Surat Food will never disappoint you. Also, the things to do in Surat never finish before you visit the experiment some of the best known Surati food delicacy. Surti food and specially Surati street food is mostly underrated amongst the most famous in India in the same category. There are several items like Locho, Khaman, Khamani, Cold Coco, Ponk & Ponk Vadas, Fafda and Dhokla are best to have while on the streets of Surat. A few famous snack stalls are Surti Locho at Bhatar, Athwa, Gopal Locho & Khaman House at Parvat Patiya and Jani Locho at Adajan. Also, some other food items like Surti Undhiyu, Ghari, Nan Khatai, Bhajiya are very moth watering.


326 km²


44.6 lakhs (2011)


Hemali Boghawala (BJP)

Things To See & Do In Surat: Things to do in Surat has a long list. Generally known as the city of diamond cutting & polishing and manufacturing beautiful silk saris, Surat is also a city for its boasting skylines, ever-expanding numbers of over bridges, food joints, architectural places and more. There are many things to see and do in Ahmedabad that gives tough competition to any other city in the country. And the topper in a list of things to do is to try the delicious food of Surat. No matter what your choice of taste is and you being vegetarian or non-vegetarian, Surat has a list of dishes for you. And especially the bakery and sweet items. The Lassi and Cold Coco is a must after any meal. A list of things to see in Surat includes gardens, beaches, temples, textile markets for shopping, museums and more. Places that come on a must-see list in Surat are Dumas Beach, Dutch Garden, Sarthana Nature Park, Vansda National Park, Gopi Talav, Jagdishchandra Bose Aquarium, Sneh Rashmi Botanical Garden, Sardar Patel Museum, Dandi Beach and Hajira.

Along with Diamond City of India, Surat is also known as City of Flyovers! Surat has the highest numbers of flyovers and bridges in India.

Shopping In Surat

The shopping is the best thing to do in Surat for textile, ready-made apparel, diamond and diamond jewelry, handloom, handicraft, silk items and more. Some of the hotshot shopping destinations for shopping in Surat are Sahara Darwaja, Dumas Road, Old Bombay Market, Ghod Dod Road, SMC Ratri Bazar, Chauta Bazar, Universal Textile Market, Ring Road Textile Market, and New Textile Market.

Diamond Jewelry:

Surat is an internationally acclaimed destination for its diamond cutting and polishing art. It also generates one of the highest employment in the city. The craftsman here has mastered the skill of shaping rough stone to the best of the diamond. There are lots of jewelers in the city offering diamond jewelry in locations like Soni Bazaar, Chock Bazar, Ghod Dod Road, Varachha, Athwa, Mahidharpura and more.

Clean City Surat

According to the 2017-18 survey, Surat was on the 4th rank in India for the cleanest city. However, a few decades ago it was the opposite picture and the city was extremely unclean. The change began after the incident of the plague in 1994. After that Surat Municipal Commissioner (SMC) Mr. SR Rao introduced strict action to clean the city and make it a habit for the people living in the city. And the result after witch was amazing and from then onwards it ranks amongst the cleanest city of India.

Beautiful Silk Sarees

Surat is the textile capital of the Gujarat. And doing apparel shopping in Surat is almost complicated and difficult thanks to the varieties it offers. Shopping in Surat can not complete without buying famous Silk Saree from Surat. Different varieties of silk sarees available are Kinkhab, Gajee, and Tanchoi. Also, there are silk emporiums and textile markets to visit in Surat to get the finest touch of local manufacturing.

Sandy Beaches

Surtis are happy going and festival living people. They enjoy everything starting from one-day picnics, celebrations, parties and hangouts at different locations. Surat also has some of the lovely and clean beaches like Dumas, Dandi, and Suvali in a nearby location. There are also some stories attached like the beach of Dumas. Thanks to its black sand it is also known as the haunted beach in India. While Dandi beach is famously attached to Mahatma Gandhi and freedom struggle with Dandi March.

Enjoy all these famous from Surat on your next trip to the city. The city will welcome and charm you with its silky hospitality and sparkling vibrancy.