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About Rajkot City

The beautiful and landmark city of Rajkot is situated in the middle of the Kathiawar peninsula. It is the one of the most prominent and industrial city of Gujarat. The river Aji bisects the town in two parts which are known to be an old and new city. The city of Rajkot has substantial value and historical milestones attached to it. Rajkot city was founded in the year 1612 by the Great Thakur Shaheb Vibhaji Ajoji Jadeja of the Jadeja Clan. He was the grandson of the Jam Sataji of Nawanagar, currently known as Jamnagar.

Rajkot city also has its acclaimed memories attached to the Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi. He spent his early school years in Rajkot, at that time Gandhiji’s father was Diwan to one of the Nawab of Saurashtra. Gandhiji did his schooling from the famous Alfred High School which was founded in 1875. The home where Gandhi family used to stay is today a memorial museum known as Kaba Gandhi No Delo, one of the places to see in Rajkot.

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History of Rajkot CityRajkot city was founded in the year 1612 by the Great Thakur Shaheb Vibhaji Ajoji Jadeja of the Jadeja Clan.

History Of Rajkot: The history of Rajkot city is very interesting. Rajkot city since the early ’90s has been the major urbanized center for all kinds of industrial, social and educational needs in Saurashtra. It is the social, cultural, commercial and political center for all activities happening in and around Saurashtra. In the early 18th century, British East India Company first established its agency in the Rajkot region and named it as Kathiawad Agency. The current Khothi compound in Rajkot used to be the official house of commerce for that reason. Also, the first railway line from Gujarat to Saurashtra was established in Rajkot around the period of the late 18th century. The first train from Rajkot city was to Jetalsar Station. Sir Lakhajiraj was the great ruler of The Rajkot State and in his period only the organized institutions, commercial marketplaces, industries, and residential areas are developed. Also, he built schools and libraries for both boys and girls separately. Post independent era Rajkot started growing its importance amongst the other Saurashtra districts through the development in education, industries, real estate, commerce, exports, and political activities.

Things To Do In Rajkot: People of Rajkot is very fun-loving and humble by origin. Even a stranger on the street will greet you will all warmth and respect for your needs. The population is very vibrant and festive lovers. The food delicacy of Rajkot is world-famous for its live snacks, Gujarati Thali, Kathiawadi cousins, and sweets. Some of the happening places in Rajkot and list of things to do in Rajkot starts from roaming around Galaxy Cinema on Ring Road, Playing Cricket on Race Course & Gymkhana Ground, an evening spent on Kalawad Road, experiencing the vibrancy of the city on Yagnik Road and more. These all are the live places in the city where you can find people’s hotspots anytime.


170 km²


38 lakhs (2011)


Pradip Dav (BJP)

People of Rajkot is very fun-loving and humble by origin. Even a stranger on the street will greet you will all warmth and respect for your needs. The population is very vibrant and festive lovers.

Places To Visit In Rajkot

Places To Visit In Rajkot: There are many places to visit in Rajkot that introduce to the history of the city, its connection with the country and independence movements, entertainment and natural magnetism. For history lovers there are some places to visit in Rajkot are Kaba Gandhi No Delo, Mahatma Gandhi Museum; the place where Gandhiji studied, Watson Museum, Ranjit Vilas Palace, Connaught Hall, Masonic Hall, and Rashtriya Shala. The people of Rajkot city are very religious and their most loved temples in the city of Rajkot are Ramakrishna Ashram, BAPS Swaminarayan Temple, Shri Ranchhoddas Ashram and Prem Mandir. The other places to visit in Rajkot are Pradhyuman Zoological Park, Rotary Dolls Museum, Ishwariya Park, Jubilee Garden, Lang Library, Aji Dam, Lal Pari Lake, Nyari Dam, and Race Course Ground.

Food In Rajkot

The City of Rajkot is best known for its hospitality. Kathiawadi hospitality greats you from the heart and biggest of the biggest deals happen at the cup of tea or pan stores. There are many delicacies known from the city of Rajkot like it’s Penda made from milk, Namkeen of Wafers and special Chiwda, Green Chili Chatni, Ganthiya & Jalebi, Ice Gola, Bhel & Bread Katka, Ice Cream, Chapdi Undhyu and more. Over the years the city has earned the title of “Rangilu Rajkot” and the food delicacy proves it very much true.

Festivals In Rajkot

Rajkot and most of the other part of the Kathiawad has its music genre – The Dayro. Which is the folk music event specialty including some historic or mythological stories into it. This Dayro can be found throughout the year and people of the city much appreciate it. Navratri dance is often known as Garba in Rajkot city, mostly performed by schoolgirls and teenage girls over the music and songs related to Maa Shakti. However, the most loved festival in Rajkot is the Janmashtami, where the Mela – Fun Fair organized at many places in the city and people from every part of the Saurashtra and even from Ahmedabad and Surat visit the Mela of Rajkot.

Education In Rajkot

Education in Rajkot is known from its late 18th and early 19th century. Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi did his primary education from Rajkot before doing his degree of law from foreign. Also, there is Rajkumar College in Rajkot which was designed by Colonel Keatinge and inaugurated by the Governor of Bombay in 1870. There is also a Rashtriya Shala, which was commissioned by Mahatma Gandhi in 1921 as a learning center with a purpose to oppose British Colonial Education System. It is closely associated with the non-cooperation movement and the Indian Freedom Movement. Today’s Rajkot offers the best of CBSE & ICSE schooling through modern infrastructure private schools and pre-schools. Galaxy School, formerly known as S N Kansagra School is one of the pioneers of the modern-day education system in Rajkot.

Industries In Rajkot

In the last decade Rajkot has proven to be a major development hub of Gujarat and real estate plays an important role in it. There are several big and small GIDCs and SEZs active around Rajkot city like Shapar – Veraval, Metoda, Bamanbore and more which houses many large and small size manufacturing industries. Casting and forging industries are much acclaimed from Rajkot. Also, the heavy spare parts manufacturing, machine tools and automobile parts manufacturing, defiance equipment ancillaries, gear and bearing manufacturing, ceramic moldings, diesel engines, power tools manufacturing industries are well established and making their mark in national and international markets. Food industries, cotton ginning, and edible oil mills are well grown in and around Rajkot because of the availability of natural resources. Rajkot is also famous for its Silver & Golden Jewellery designing and making of gold ornaments and manufacturing of fines watch parts.