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CBSE Schools In Ahmedabad

How to choose the best school for you child in Ahmedabad 

How to choose the best school for you child in Ahmedabad

This is the time of the year when most of the parents are busy searching for the best school in Ahmedabad. The next academic year will start within a period of one or two months and most of the schools and preschools in Ahmedabad have already started the admission process. Choosing the best school is not an easy task as it’s the first step of your kids’ long journey of education. Thus selecting the best out of all makes the most important and needs to be done carefully.

With the rapidly growing the options of pre-schools and primary schools in Ahmedabad, and with the different boards of educations, syllabus and teaching patterns, the importance of sports and other activities, parents are now more confused than ever. They need to know the special needs and the interest of the kids before selecting a school. Also, other factors do play a role. Below given are some of the important parameters that will help you get the best option for your child’s future education.

Board of Education: Gone are the days when parents have only the option of the state board of school education. Now there are multiple options like Central Board of School Educations (CBSE), Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE), International Baccalaureate (IB), and International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE). Even there are options of state board schooling with Gujarati Medium Schools in Ahmedabad and English Medium Schools. Other languages like Marathi Medium Schools in Ahmedabad, Hindi Medium Schools in Ahmedabad and more are also famous for those migrated family looking for options of their regional language education in Ahmedabad for their kids.

CBSE schools in Ahmedabad is the moderate education system with equal weightage to other activities depending on the school. It is also the highest selected option in Ahmedabad. Particularly for the parents who have a transferable job, CBSE is the best option as it can be easily available to other parts of the country. While ICSE has a holistic approach with more focus on linguistic, arts and science. And for kids who want to move out of the country for further education can have IGCSE as a better option.

Fees: Often parents believe that expensive schools are the best schools offering the highest standard of education. But it is not always true. There are many Gujarati Medium Schools in Ahmedabad and CBSE schools in Ahmedabad which are not only affordable in terms of the fees but also give the serious quality of education to their students since many years. Parents need to check whether they are going to get full value for their money spent as school fees in terms of education, safety, technology, infrastructural facilities like computer lab, outdoor sports facility, library, music lab, and more. As overall development is the need of an hour for your kids’ education.

Balance Between Education & Co-Curricular / Extra-Curricular Activities: The list of activities may turn endless in some schools and sometimes it also requires re-visiting campus during evening time also. But that does not mean to sacrifice the studies mainly into early schools days which is most important for every student. So, please check the activities that ICSE schools in Ahmedabad offers.

Proximity: Proximity to school from home is one of the most important part to look for. It is quite advisable to get your kid’s school in Ahmedabad which is near to your home. It is helpful in both the ways of safety and to save unnecessary time of travelling to and fro every day.

As the quality of classroom teaching becomes the most important criteria, the prospect to develop kids’ physical and social skills are also need to be focused. We hope this article would be useful for parents to choose the best schools in Ahmedabad.

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