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Vitthal Teedi: Exciting Gujarati Web Series on Oho Gujarati 

Vitthal Teedi: Exciting Gujarati Web Series on Oho Gujarati
Vitthal Teedi Poster: Gujarati Web Series

Released on Gujarati OTT Platfrom Oho Gujarat, Vitthal Teedi got mixed review on its early days of release. Directed by nonother than Abhishek Gandhi and starrer Scam 1992 web series fam Pratik Gandhi is surely going to be Gujarati Web Series showstopper. Abhishek Jain the person who reviewed Gujarati Film Industry from the movie Kevi Rite Jaish, Bey Yaar and Wrong Side Raju. The story of Vitthal Teedi is portrayed in a small town shown up an era of 1980. Pratik Gandhi, a son of temple priest as a Vitthal Tripathi (Teedi) has played a role of professional gambler. He master the game but the game has another cards for him.

Vitthal Teedi: Vitthal got this name Vitthal Teedi thanks to card number three from the playing card deck. The short story written by Mukesh Sojitra goes well with the character played by Pratik Gandhi. With the humble beginning of the Vitthal in the childhood, he will do anything for the need fulfilment of his family. He lost his mother at a younger age and also dropped out of the school due to some circumstances. Vitthal’s father was a single parent who was doing hardships to brought up kids including daughter Vandana and other son. He found better interest in the card games and started gambling with his friends in small town village. With his skill and gambling mindset he soon became champion in the game. It is said that the game is in his genes because his family members like his father, grandfather and other patriarchs before him have masters the game. In order to help financially to his family, Vitthal started gambling as a profession to run his family as well as support his younger brother’s education. The word “Teedi”, a character played by Vitthal was became synonyms and replaced his surname as Tripathi.

While he became totally invincible in the game, the cards of life proves to be more challenging to him as a gambler. Things have started down falling for him and the rest is a story about how he tries to manage his life. Now, how well and how soon he rise again or is he wanted to come out of the game.. to know this watch the show Vitthal Teedi on OTT Oho Gujarati.

Vitthal Teedi Review

Gujarati web series Vitthal Teedi can clearly see the signature of Abhishek Jain. It is well shoot and narrated story like Bey Yaar and Wrong side Raju. The right mix of emotional, aggression and perfect timing of dialogue delivery has become the art that Pratik Gandhi has mastered. However, one thing that viewers can mark is story predictability and little extra philosophy of life. Kudos to direction, screenplay, editing, music and cinematography.

The body language and facial expressions of the Pratik Gandhi is excellent. He masters the role of gambler, be it Scam 1992 or Vitthal Teedi. Title track by Aditya Gadhvi is another attraction of this web series. Surely part 2 of this Gujarati web series Vitthal Teedi is awaited by heart.

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