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Kesar Mango Vs Alphonso Mango

Tale of Two Mangoes in Gujarat: Alphonso Mango Vs Kesar Mango 

Tale of Two Mangoes in Gujarat: Alphonso Mango Vs Kesar Mango

The mouth-watering and mesmerizing golden fruit of mango is favorite of all. Typically the fruit is dedicated to the particular season which everyone waiting eagerly. The scrumptious taste, golden yellow color and hypnotizing aroma with unlimited health benefits can attract anyone towards it. There are many types of mango produces and available in Gujarat like Kesar, Alphonso, Rajapuri, Dasehri, Langara, Neelam, Deshi, Totapuri and more. And everyone has their favorite mango to love for with no reason or explanation needed. However, we will discuss two leading types of mango that every Gujarati loves to have throughout the season, The Kesar Mango & The Alphonso Mango. The story is age old and everyone has their own choice of mango and to vote for which is best amongst the Alphonso mango vs Kesar mango. However, we are not worried about the winner between the Kesar Mango Vs Alphonso, what we love to have is great quality of mango.

Both are best of the mangoes that India can have and no wonder why one is known as the King of Mango; The Alphonse while the other is known as Queen of Mango; The Kesar. Not only this fruit is loved and cherished in India but we also export the same to many countries throughout the year. And they’re also the Alphonso is the highest on-demand while Kesar comes second variety in terms of exports. Indian Alphonso, typically grown in the Southern Gujarat region and in Kutch are considered to be the best amongst all in international competition. Always it is been a lip-smacking debate that which mango is better? If we talk about the appearances then Kesar has little lower marks due to its pale skin and dull outlook compare to Alphonso. While for the aroma matter the Kesar holds the upper hand compared to Alphonso. And finally, when it comes to the taste.. no wonder what to and how to describe, the fight is from the generations and will stretch further for more without any conclusion.

A few years back Kesar Mango from Gujarat has started losing its charm compare to the arch-rival but in the last few years, after the entry of Kesar Mango from Kutch has changed the game. Newly founded home for Kesar Mango is highly on demand and started supplying fruits which are competitively at par or a better little more with Kesar from Gir, Talal, Veraval & Vanthali region of Saurashtra. The reason for Kutch Kesar Mango to improve its market share is due to its comparatively lower cost than Alphonso, better taste than Gir or Talal Kesar Mango, greater shelf life and sweeter taste. While if we talk about the seasonal entry that Alphonso comes in advance then Kesar Mango from Junagadh District and then the Kesar Mango from the Kutch. Also the South Gujarat Kesar Mango which is available throughout the season is no lesser than any of the others. South Gujarat, mainly Valsad and surrounding location which is home of Alphonso in Gujarat grows more than 100 varieties of Mango. Some of the famous varieties are Mallika, Miya, Neelphanso, Malgobo, Gadhemal, Dasehri, Badam, Jamadar and Vanraj.

The fight is still on for Alphonso mango vs Kesar mango. No wonder what varieties of mango lure to an individual, no matter what works best an aroma or taste, mangoes are always a favorite fruit for all. Be it a kid or grandparents; everyone waits eagerly for mango season to start. So, better to leave fight aside or Kesar Vs Alphonso, and enjoy the best of the taste of any variety you can hand on.

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