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Information About Ahmedabad City

Ahmedabad City Gujarat

About Ahmedabad City

Located on the banks of Sabarmati River, the city of Ahmedabad is the center of all activities in Gujarat. Founded in the year of 1411 by Sultan Ahmed Shah, Ahmedabad city is now the hub of all trade and commercial activities in the state. Based on the name of its founder, the city got its name as Ahmedabad, also known formerly as Amdavad.

Today Ahmedabad city is one of the fastest-growing cities in the country. The financial and commercial growth of Ahmedabad has played an important role in the development of Gujarat. Also, it was the center point of all activities like Global Investors Summit, Vibrant Gujarat, International Kite Festival and Vibrant Navratri under the leadership of Shri Narendra Modi.

Ahmedabad City Image Gallery

World Heritage City AhmedabadIndia’s first UNESCO World Heritage City – Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad is India’s first World Heritage City. Historically Ahmedabad was one of the sound commercial centres for the textile industry in 20th century and famously it was known as the city of mills or the Manchester of India. However, the time has changed briefly and the city of mill is now well covered with malls, multiplexes, five-star hotels and restaurants. Ahmedabad city is also home to some of the premier and most acclaimed educational institutes like IIM, NID, EDI, CEPT, MICA and more. Also there are plenty of attractions and things to do in Ahmedabad for visitors like Kankaria Lake, Sabarmati Ashram, Sabarmati River Front, Science City, Law Garden, Parimal Garden and many more. The collection of historical monuments in Ahmedabad is no less than any other city of the country. Some of the historical places to visit are Bhadra Fort, Sidi Sayed Mosque, Sarkhej Roja, Tomb of Ahmed Shah, Delhi Darwaja, Adalaj Step Well, Jhulta Minara and Rani Sipri’s Mosque. Ahmedabad heritage walk is a good opportunity for citizens and visitors to know about the historical importance of Ahmedabad city.

Ahmedabad is also known for its business functioning and the style of their organizational performance for getting maximum output with minimum input. Business runs in the blood of every citizen in Ahmedabad city. For food lovers, Ahmedabad presents gastronomic delight. People here are very fond of eating and you will find good quality of food starting from street-side cabins to five-star hotels. Traditional Gujarati thali in Ahmedabad is very famous and it will mesmerize you with varieties of food it offers. Sweets are very famous in the city and it will make you understand why Gujarati people are so sweet in talk. Most of Gujarati people are vegetarians and prefer traditional food more than any other varieties. Ahmedabad is also famous for its varieties of ice-creams and dairy products. This makes no wonder why some of the biggest ice-cream makers in India are from Ahmedabad. Manek Chawk and Law Garden Khau Gali are amongst the favorite places for Ahmedabad people to have city’s special varieties like Pav Bhaji, Chole Puri and Chocolate Sandwich. Hotels and restaurants are in good numbers in Ahmedabad and serves all types of requirements. Ahmedabad city is also home of India’s first revolving restaurant “Hotel Patang” located at Ashram road.

Shopping in Ahmedabad is amazing and you can find anything at your price if you know how to negotiate. Some of the famous markets in Ahmedabad are located at Law Garden, Lal Darwaja, Ratan Pol, Dhalgarwad, Sindhi Market and C.G. Road. Cit of Ahmedabad also hosts some of the best infrastructure malls like Alpha One, Gulmohar Mall, Ahmedabad Central and Iskon Mall.


464 km²


55.7 lakhs (2011)


Kirit Parmar (BJP)

Ahmedabad is well connected through the network of national and international airports, railway station and local state transport bus station. Transportation in Ahmedabad is easy with the help of AMTS, BRTS and local auto-rickshaw. BRTS (Bus Rapid Transit System) in Ahmedabad is one of the best and successfully executed BRTS network in India. One of the latest development in Ahmedabad is the Sabarmati Riverfront project. This project has many faces like improving environmental conditions, river purification, slum rehabilitation and beautification of the city.

Ahmedabad city is food lovers’ paradise and specially for those who loves street food. Fresh and hot served snacks are one of the charming things that every Ahmedabad enjoys like Fafda, Jalebi, Dhokla, Gota, Dalwada and Samosa.

Things to See & Do In Ahmedabad

A week to 10 days would feel lesser when you plan a thigs to see and do in Ahmedabad. With its glorious history of more than 600 years, Ahmedabad has some of the marvels to explore build by the Moghul Empire starting from Ahmedshah Badshah. Historic places like Jhulta Minara, Ahmed Shah’s Mosque, Bhadra Fort, Teen Darwaja, Sidi Saiyyed Mosque & Sidi Saiyyed Jali, Jama Masjid are best for their ancient architectural beauty.

There are many museums in Ahmedabad that reserve special status amongst the historian and collectors like Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel National Museum, Calico Museum of Textile, Vikram Sarabhai Space Exhibition, Lalbhai Dalpatbhai Museum, Gujarat Science City, Shreyas Folk Museum, Kite Museum, NC Mehta Gallery, Auto World Vintage Car Museum, Tribal Museum Ahmedabad, Vechaar Utensil Museum, Paladi Sanskar Kendra and City Museum Ahmedabad.

Top things to do in Ahmedabad also includes The Ahmedabad Heritage Walk, as Ahmedabad is India’s first UNESCO World Heritage City, there are many places to visit in old Ahmedabad. Also, there is Sabarmati Ashram, the pivotal place for the Indian independence movement.

Places to Visit In Ahmedabad

Places to visit in Ahmedabad has no shortfall. You can visit some of the marvelous architecture builds by Moghuls, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Museums, Sabarmati River Front, Sabarmati Ashram, Patang Hotel, Gujarat Science City, Kalupur Swaminarayan Temple, Jama Masjid, Maneh Chowk, Kankaria Lake and Amusement Park, Hathisingh Jain Temple, Dada Hari Vav, Sarkhej Roja and more. Places to visit in Ahmedabad are available for all types of people and choices. Also, places are well maintained and mostly less crowded. There are food joints like Manek Chowk, Bhatiyar Gali, and Law Garden Food Street are also good places to visit in Ahmedabad for food lovers. Law Garden Shopping Street, Lal Darwaja, Teen Darwaja Market, Gandhi Bridge & Dhalgarwad are also amongst the places to visit in Ahmedabad for local shopping.

Industries In Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad city is the largest industrial destination in Gujarat and the second-largest in India after Mumbai. Ahmedabad is also a leading supplier of Textile, Denim, Chemicals, Heavy Machineries and construction materials. Ahmedabad city is also the biggest manufacturing hub of pharmacy in India. Some of the country’s largest pharma companies like Zydus Cadila, Intas Pharma, Torrent Pharma, Cadila Pharmaceuticals, Troikka Pharma, Claris Lifesciences are located in Ahmedabad. Adani Group is also based in Ahmedabad.

Education In Ahmedabad

Since the time of early 90’s Ahmedabad was the hotspot for education in the state of Gujarat. Amongst the oldest, The Gujarat Vidyapith was established by Mahatma Gandhi to oppose the British Colonial Education System. Ahmedabad city also a hub of Management Education In India with several world-class institutes like the Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad (IIMA), Mudra Institute of Communication Ahmedabad (MICA), Ahmedabad University, Nirma Institute of Management & Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India (EDI). Also, the National Institute of Design (NID), Center for Environmental Planning & Technology (CEPT) & BJ Medical are rated amongst the oldest and best in the business. There are several research centers in Ahmedabad like Physical Research Laboratory (PRL) and the Institute of Plasma Research (IPR) located in Ahmedabad.

Ahmedabad is a hub today with many bests of the state engineering and pharmaceutical colleges for undergraduate and postgraduate colleges. These colleges are rub by the Government Universities like Gujarat University & Gujarat Technology University & some of the finest self-financed universities like Nirma University. For schooling also there are finest CBSE, ICSE, IB and Gujarat Board schools that run education with lots of activities and self-development programs.

Shopping In Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad is a heritage city of India. Due to its long history related to the Mughal Empire and also the post-independent development of textile and fabric manufacturing, today Ahmedabad is a shopper’s destination. Several things that can’t be missed in Ahmedabad shopping is its varieties of handloom and handicraft articles, cultural artifacts, embroidery, and beadwork materials. Traditional Ahmedabad shopping markets are located in the old city and mostly known for its bargain deals. Some of them are Lal Darwaja, Dhalgarwad, Rani No Hajiro Near Kalupur, Law Garden, Teen Darwaja, etc. Ahmedabad city also has modern malls and multiplexes for people to do shopping and hand around for a day. Ahmedabad One Mall; formerly known as Alpha One, Gulmohar Mall, ISCON Mega Mall, Ahmedabad Central, CG Square, Himalaya Mall, Shree Balaji Agora Mall and more.

Low Garden market for traditional Gujarati Chaniya Cholis are one of the best places to see and do shipping in Ahmedabad. It is an ideal destination for locals as well as NRIs and NRGs to buy traditional clothes like Chaniya Cholis, Dupattas, Salwar, Kurtas, Traditional Metal Ornaments, Chakadas, Bedsheets, Accessories and Handicraft items. It offers both budget-friendly shopping and bargain deals as well.

Food In Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad is a food lover’s paradise. Food items worth trying in Ahmedabad city mostly fall into a vegetarian. And best of the combination that served in Ahmedabad is its famous Gujarati Thali. Served at many famous restaurants its pure Gujarati delicacy with combinations of Chapati, Puri, Subji, Sweets, Farsan and more. Also fresh and hot served snacks are one of the charming things that every Ahmedabad enjoys like Fafda, Jalebi, Dhokla, Gota, Dalwada and Samosa.

Ahmedabad people love street food. Some of the famous joints for street food are Manek Chowk, Law Garden, Various Food Truck Park on SP Ring Road, SG Highway and around, Bhatiyar Gali, Municipal Market is famously known as MM, University Road, Law Garden Food Street, HL College Road, IIM Road, Vastrapur Lake and more. A few famous Ahmedabad food is made by Induben Khakhrawala, Ashrafi Kulfi, Ambika Dalwada, Gujarat Dalwada, Das Khaman, Laxmi Gathiya, Raipur Bhajiya House, Oswal Jalebi, Bera Samosa, Havmore Chole Puri, Honest Pav Bhaji, etc.

Places To Visit Around Ahmedabad

Places to visit around Ahmedabad city are of all types. There are some of the most famous temples, picnic spots, ancient step wells, century, waterfalls, water parks, and hill stations is in a list. Several destinations around Ahmedabad can provide a one-day picnic destination from Ahmedabad for family and friends. Whether your trip is for fun or pilgrimage, there is no shortage of varieties of places. One can visit Gandhinagar Akshardham, Dakore, Salangpur Hanuman, Unjha, Shamlaji, Pavagadh, and Bahucharaji to visit from Ahmedabad. Also, Thol Lake, Nal Sarovar, Polo Forest, Narmada Dam & Sardar Soravar are the places to visit for nature lovers. There is a Statue of Unity to visit from Ahmedabad. Mount Abu located in Rajasthan is also one of the favorite destinations for Ahmedabad people. Also, there are plenty of water parks and amusement parks to visit within 150 kilometers from Ahmedabad.

Nightlife In Ahmedabad

Nightlife in Ahmedabad is a bit different from other metro cities like Mumbai and Bangalore. People here in Ahmedabad get out of their homes for food and shopping. There are some handout places for family and friends like CG Road, Ashram Road, different bridges over the Sabarmati River, River Front, Municipal Market, SG Highway where people do enjoy with family. Also, there are food joints like Manek Chowk that operates only at late night to early morning which is one of the favorite places for people to visit at night.

Festivals In Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad city has a vibrant culture when it comes to celebrations. Festivals in Ahmedabad, specially Uttarayan & Navratri are best celebrated. Ahmedabad moves to top gear with lots of music, dance, celebrations, and tasty foods. Both of these festivals are celebrated in Ahmedabad with religious harmony. International Kite Festival and Vibrant Navratri are the Government of Gujarat sponsored celebrations that help people to get extravaganza during these days. Many people travel from the USA and UK to celebrate Navratri and Uttarayan in Ahmedabad. Also other festivals like Holi, Diwali and Eid are celebrated with much joy and festivity.