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Information About Bhavnagar City

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About Bhavnagar City

Information about Bhavnagar city includes history, business & economics, development, education, healthcare and more. Bhavnagar city is geographically located on the west coast of the Gulf of Cambay or rather known as the Gulf of Khambhat in Gujarat. Bhavnagar was founded in mid 18th century by the Rajput Maharaja Bhavsinhji Gohil it was also amongst the first few states to join the Indian Union immediately after independence.

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History of BhavnagarHistory of Bhavnagar City

In early 18th century Gaekwad rule led by Khanthaji Kadani and Pilaii Gaekwad tried to repelled Sihor but the attack was failed by Bhavsinhji Gohil. However, after this war, Bhavsinhji Gohil realizes the need for new safer capital. And based on that he established a new capital 20 kilometers away from the Sihor and named it Bhavnagar derived from his name. This new capital is today’s Bhavnagar city with a strategic location near the sea for maritime trade. The new town of Bhavnagar built by Shree Bhavsinhji Gohil was a planned city with walls and fortification around the city and there were few gates as well on different directions connecting nearby towns. The historic city of Bhavnagar was the business destination for trade through the sea and there was documentation of businessmen visiting Bhavnagar from Mozambique, Singapore, African Countries, and Persian Gulf Countries. It was Bhavsinhji’s calculation that city of Bhavnagar should get its revenue from the trade that was mainly monopolized by Surat and Cambay. During the ruling period of Shree Bhavsinhji, Bhavnagar progressed from a small town to a considerably important state. His considerable efforts make it possible to get revenue by expanding territories and generating income from the maritime business. In terms of revenue and borders, the Bhavnagar district grew further in the time of Vakhatsinhji Gohil, the grandson of Bhavsinhji Gohil.

Today Bhavnagar is one of the principal cities of the Gujarat state in terms of revenue, business & economics, trade, education, and healthcare. Facing the beautiful waves of the Gulf of Khambhat and glorified by the beautiful royal architecture, the city of Bhavnagar is a story itself. The city is strategically connected with the Gogha Port. There are many things famous about Bhavnagar city and few of them are the historical architecture, textile manufacturing, the craftsmanship of silversmiths, international trade through the sea and above all the business skills of the people of Bhavnagar. Bhavnagar is one of the cities in Saurashtra where you can find tourists throughout the year. Bhavnagar is also a center of location for the spinning and weaving industry of Saurashtra, metalworks especially of casting, diamond industry connected with Surat and Mumbai, brick manufacturing, sawmills, iron foundries, chemical plants, and plastic recycling industries. Some of the places to visit and things to do in Bhavnagar include Gandhi Museum, The Barton Library & Museum, Takhteshwar Temple, Victoria Park Garden, and Central Salt and Marine Chemical Research Institute (CSMCRI). Some of the famous people and personalities from Bhavnagar include Bollywood, Dhollywood and Tellywood artist, sports start and more. Some of the famous personalities are Harsh Chhaya, Himesh Reshammiya, Indian cricketer Devang Gandhi and Sheldon Jackson. TV star Apara Mehta and Folk and Gujarati singer Parthiv Gohil.

Things To See And Do In Bhavnagar: Bhavnagar is one of the cities in Saurashtra that experienced tourists throughout the year. There are many places to see and lot of things to do in Bhavnagar for tourists as well as the people from the surrounding location of the city. You can find temples, religious places, ancient historical architectural, library, gardens & parks, beachside destinations and more in Bhavnagar. Some of the must-visit places or tourist destination in Bhavnagar are Victoria Park, Seashore at Ghogha, Gandhi Smriti Library, Takhteshwar Temple, Nilambag Palace, Barton Library, Darbargadh, Gurukul Clock Tower, Gaurishankar Lake, Pill Garden, and Alang Ship Breaking Yard, etc. All of these are the special destinations to visit but the best and rarest of them is the Alang Shipbreaking Yard. One can feel the size of the ship not on the water but the shore and also experience the ship breaking process. Also, this is one of the happening place for shopping as well.


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Kirtiben Danidhariya (BJP)

Victoria Park: Bhavnagar’s Victoria Parks is the oldest man-made forest reserved area located in the heart of the city. It is spread over the area of 500 acres and homes some of the rare species of fauna and flora. It is also located near to Gaurishankar Lake, another important place to visit in Bhavnagar. The scenic beauty of the lake can be enjoyed from the Victoria Parks. The park has thin and thorny vegetation. There are around 110 fauna species and 425 species of plants. Also, there are almost half of the plants and trees in the parks are of the herbs. Victoria Park in Bhavnagar is also a home of Antelope, Fox, Nilgai, and Hyena. There are beautiful birds like Peacock, Bulbuls, Owlets, Shikra, Peacock, Sunbirds are also found. Two lakes inside the park are Gaurishankar Lake and Krishna Kunj Lake are also home to many migratory birds throughout the year.

Shopping In Bhavnagar: Bhavnagar is a shoppers’ paradise for the one who wants to collect the city’s delightful souvenirs. There are many top things to buy from Bhavnagar like typical Gujarati Bandhani, embroidery work fabrics, traditional jewelry, artifacts, imported and best kitchenware from the Alang and more. One can find lots of cotton dresses and other apparel in Bhavnagar at a very reasonable price. Also, the handicraft items from Bhavnagar including hand-made applique, woodwork, embordered dupatta, chats & torans, pottery items, showpieces, etc are good to buy from Bhavnagar.

Today Bhavnagar is one of the principal cities of the Gujarat state in terms of revenue, business & economics, trade, education, and healthcare.

Food In Bhavnagar

There cannot be a better food paradise in Saurashtra than Bhavnagar. You can find the typical street food items, local specialties, Kathiawad cousins, Gujarati cousins, and whatnot. There are some of the most happening street food destinations in Bhavnagar that works till late night to wee hours. The most famous place from them is the KhauGali at Ghogha Circle. Bhavnagri Ganthiya is one of the most famous Gujarati snacks. You can find it with a combination of Pav-Ganthiya in Bhavnagar. Another home-grown delicacy is the Bhungda Bateta. Also, not to miss items of Bhavnagar’s food dish is the Ice Cream Pyali and Ice Gola. Also, there is no typical nightlife in Bhavnagar, but having food at late night and roaming around the city roads is one of the activities that people often like late at night.

Education In Bhavnagar

Bhavnagar city has one of the most modernized education system for schooling in the state of Gujarat. Thanks to its education reformist like Nanubhai Bhatt and Gijubhai Badheka. Dakshinamurti and Lokbharit Gramvidyapith have been the center for education in Bhavnagar for generations. Samaldas College is one of the oldest institutes of higher education in the city. There are also plenty of colleges for higher education including management, engineering, pharmacy, medical, paramedical and homeopathy medical. Bhavnagar is known to be the pioneer in rural children's education and women education in Gujarat.

Industries & Commerce In Bhavnagar

Bhavnagar city is the business-oriented city from its inception. It has a very important geographical advantage in the Gulf of Cambay and the Arabian Sea. Trading is the core business of Bhavnagar and mainly into the items related to agricultural products and cotton in special. Also, there are salt industries in large numbers. Shipbreaking and shipbuilding used to be the core industrial sector that generates large employment in Bhavnagar. Diamond industries are also very sound in Bhavnagar for the work of cutting, polishing, and marketing of diamond jewelry.

Bhavnagar city is also known for its laureates and literature work. Some of the great Gujarati laureates, poet and writers like Narsinh Mehta, Ganga Sati, Jhaverchand Meghani, Goverdhan Ram Tripathi, Manubhai Pancholi, and Kavi Kant are from Bhavnagar. Artists like Himesh Reshammiya, Parthiv Gohil, and Apara Mehta are also born in Bhavnagar.