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Information About Mehsana City

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About Mehsana City

The details about the Mehsana city is very interesting. Also, there are several things to see and do in Mehsana that no other cities in Gujarat can offer. Mehsana is one of the largest cities in Gujarat and largest in the region of north Gujarat. It is about 70 kilometers away from Ahmedabad. Mehsana ranks amongst the top in milk production capacity. The city of Mehsana is known for its Mehsani Buffalo and the Dudhsagar Dairy which is Mehsana District Cooperative Milk Producers’ Union Ltd. Tropic Of Cancer passes from nearby Mehsana only on the way between Mehsana & Ahmedabad.

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History of Mehsana

The city of Mehsana was established by Rajput heir Shree Mehsaji Chavda of Chavda Dynasty around the early 13th century. And hence the town was named after the Mehsaji Chavda as Mehsana. Mehsaji constructed the Arc Gate known as Torana in Gujarati Language and a temple of Chamunda Goddess during the foundation years of the Mehsana town. When Gaekwads extends their rule to North Gujarat till Patan, the Mehsana was their administrative headquarter for the region from 1902. Thanks to the infrastructural reforms led by Gaekwad rulers, the city of Mehsana was connected to the Baroda through Gaekwar’s Baroda State Railway in the year 1887. Also the historic monuments of Mehsana, the Rajmahal Palace was built by Sayajirao Gaekwad III, which is currently the build used for the district court.

Today Mehsana city is the administrative center of Mehsana District and has adjacent talukas of Kadi, Visnagar, Unjha, Vijapur, Satlasana, Kheralu, Bechraji, and Jotana. Also, the city of Mehsana is very close to the political capital of Gujarat, Gandhinagar city and the commercial capital of Gujarat, Ahmedabad city. Today, Mehsana homes many water parks and amusement parks that attract people from all parts of the Gujarat and Rajasthan. Also, the most sought after attract to visit from Mehsana is the Modhera’s Sun Temple. Which is around 35 kilometers away from the city. Also, there is a stepwell to explore near Sun Temple. Few more tourist attractions from Mehsana are Dharoi Dam, Thol Lake, Palanpur, Ambaji, Sidhpur, Unjha, and Abu.

Mehsana Dudhsagar Dairy: Mehsana District Co-operative Milk Producers’ Union Ltd., popularly known as Dudhsagar Dairy is one of the largest co-operative dairy in India. It was established in Mehsana in 1960 with the prime motive of transferring profit to the milk producers. Dudhsagar Dairy is very advanced in technology and collaboration, it owns eight dairies at different locations, two chilling stations, two cattle feed making plants, a semen collection plant and also the dairy science college. Dudhsagar Dairy in Mehsana produces various products like different milk verities based on the fat content, Curd, Buttermilk, Ghee, milk powder, flavored milk, condensed milk, milk solids, sweets, ice cream and more. These all make Mehsana a significant place for milk production and for small farmers as well.

Education In Mehsana: Mehsana has a good amount of literacy rate compared to other places in North Gujarat. Mehsana homes some of the major educational institutes like Ganpat University, Gujarat Power Engineering College, Saffrony Institute of Technology and Merchant Engineering College. Major engineering, pharmaceuticals, and management degrees can be done from Mehsana colleges. Also, there are many schools in Mehsana offering good educations for primary, high school and higher secondary. There are many CBSE and international schools available in Mehsana.


32 km²


1.85 lakhs (2011)


Shri H. K. Patel, IAS

The city of Mehsana was established by Rajput heir Shree Mehsaji Chavda of Chavda Dynasty around the early 13th century. And hence the town was named after the Mehsaji Chavda as Mehsana. Today, the city of Mehsana is home of one of the largest milk processing unit in the world.

Mehsana looks like just another city of Gujarat but still, you will be able to differentiate the locals from the outsiders in Mehsana city. You can find the crowded streets and main roads flooded with all types of vehicles and cattle running in every direction. Mehsana has a good economy through its good rate of education, ample entrepreneurship opportunity, agriculture, and milk production income. Infrastructure inside the city has started improving towards the more urbanization. Basic amenities are enough in Mehsana and you will find many good places to stay. Also, the food of Mehsana has its own flavor. There are many good restaurants and food joints; street food options available in Mehsana.