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Amreli city of Gujarat poses many interesting things to know. Amreli is one of the important districts and industrial zone of Saurashtra. Amreli shares its borders with important districts of Gujarat like Rajkot, Junagadh, Bhavnagar, Botad and Gir Somnath. Amreli also has coastal lines of the Arabian Sea. Amreli city has a rich historical background compare to any other cities of Gujarat and also has some of the most beautiful ancient temples and wildlife centuries to explore as well.

History of Amreli city is very excited, also the different names of the city of Amreli which are recorded in the book of history. It is believed that Amreli was earlier known as Anumanji, Amlik and then as an Amravati city of Gujarat. Also, the Amreli city was named in ancient Gujarati scripture and literature as Amarvalli as well. America city’s iconic place is the ancient temple of Nagnath. It has a very old inscription written and in that Amreli city was mentioned as Amarpalli.

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History of Amreli


The city of Amreli is well divided into geo-locations of new and old Amreli. The older part of the city Amreli is more historic with the fort known as Juna Kot, it used to be a jail once upon a time. There is a Juna Masjid near to the Juna Kot in an older town which is also a place to visit in Amreli city. While the modern Amreli city has its history from the late 18th century. The great Vakhatsingh from Bhavnagar district has ruled out the possession of Kathi ruler of the Chital area and bring many of its population to Amreli for rehabilitation. The actual progression and date of modern Amreli was started after it was ruled by the Gaekwad emperor of Vadodara. Vithalrao Devaji was been appointed by the Gaekwad as the administrator of the Kathiawad possession and he eventually develops the Amreli city, its landscape, and its surrounding locations over 2 decades. During this regime Amreli turnout to be a planned city with proper places for the market, temples, administration offices, education places, proper water supply to the town and others. He constructs many public workplaces in and around the Amreli city during this period, the biggest of them was the dam for water supply to the Amreli city. Other achievements of the Gaekwad regime was the introduction of free and compulsory education for all in Amreli city. Thus the Gaekwad clan of great Maratha dynasty turns out to be the most influential ruler of the Amreli city and surrounding locations and many of their developmental marks are still visible in the city.

Today Amreli city is a very industrialized location with plenty of its home-grown small-scale industries. It is one of the core centers for making Khadi textile, handloom products, diamond polishing, silver jewelry work and silver crafting, tanning and cotton ginning.

There are several shopping destinations in Amreli which are good for buying traditional Gujarati clothes particularly sarees, silver ornaments, handloom and handicraft items and more. One can find good food in Amreli. People of Amreli are very taste loving and there are many food joints and good restaurants in Amreli that offer verities of dishes. Famous places to visit in Amreli are Nagnath Mahadev Temple which was built by Vithalrao Devaji, Tower of Amreli, Gandhi Baugh (Garden), Palace of Amreli, Girdharilal Sangrahalaya Children Museum and more. While places to visit around Amreli are Pania Wildlife Sanctuary, Gir, Dhari Khodiyar Dam & Galadhara Khodiyar Mata Temple, Dhari, Balmukund haveli, Dharai, Yogiji Temple, Dhari, Shiyal bet, Jafrabad, Varhaswarup Temple, Jafrabad, Jafrabad Fort, Jafrabad, Dhari Gir National Sanctuary, Gir, Pipavav Port, Rajula and Chanch Bungalow, Rajula. Amreli is also not lacking behind any other city of Gujarat in terms of education. There are many advanced educational institutes in Amreli for higher studies in management, engineering, pharmacy, law, applied science, agriculture, and arts.


‎6,760 sq km


117,967 (2011)


Shri Aayush Oak, IAS

Amreli city has a rich historical background compare to any other cities of Gujarat and also has some of the most beautiful ancient temples and wildlife centuries to explore as well.

Amreli city is loaded with many temples, religious places, historical and ancient architectural infrastructure with modern buildings as well. Also, there are natural reserves and dams on rivers that offer scenic beauty and tourism spots. Reflecting on the colorful Gujarati culture, Amreli is a nice place for a short break from the busy city schedule.