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Gujarati OTT Platform

Gujarati OTT Platform Oho Gujarati & More 

Gujarati OTT Platform Oho Gujarati & More
Gujarati OTT Oho Gujarati

About Gujarati OTT Platform like Oho Gujarati, Letsflix & CityShor TV

The momentum of the OTT platform is one of the best thing happening in the entertainment industry that India has seen during the period of a pandemic. On one side theatres are running dry due to social distancing norms ant that makes people turn towards OTT platforms for movies, shows, web series and even streaming of live sports. There are many national and international players running the race now but still, there is a vast scope for the industry to grow. But when it comes to the Gujarati OTT platform, there are hardly a few players including the latest bandwagon entry of Oho Gujarati by CineMan Productions Ltd and Khushi Advertising. There are several regional OTT platforms in India dedicated to Bengali, Tamil, Marathi and other languages but for Gujarati, there are hardly a few. Oho Gujarati is the latest Gujarati OTT platform that was recently launched for on-demand Gujarati shows, movies and other material. Oho Gujarati will also showcase classic Gujarati films from the black and white era as well as original web series like OK Boss, Kadak Meethi, Chaskela, Sambhlo Cho?, Tuition and Cutting. By the way, the biggest attraction on the Oho Gujarati OTT Platform is web series starring Pratik Gandhi called Vitthal Teedi.

When it comes to the Gujarati OTT platform, there is CityShor TV that offers on-demand Gujarati shows, movie plays, talk shows and web series and with the entry of other Gujarat OTT platforms Oho Gujarati the competition will increase and so does the offerings to customers. The naming process of the Oho Gujarati was also interesting. As the suggestions were invited by the people through social media channels. And out of all suggestions, a few were shortlisted and Oho Gujarati was finalized based on the online poll.

The man behind the Oho Gujarati OTT platform is nonother than Abhishek Jain. Who is not new to Gujarati movie audience and particularly those who love Urban Gujarati movies. He is the man who started the trend of Urban Gujarati movies and gives second birth to the Gujarati Film Industry which was on a deathbed otherwise. He made films like Kevi Rite Jaish, Bey Yaar and Wrong Side Raju which are amongst the highly acclaimed Gujarati movies. He is the change-maker in Gujarati Film Industry and with his entry to Gujarati OTT Platform Oho Gujarati, one thing is sure that people will get more creative and quality content. His motto behind the Oho Gujarati OTT is “For The Gujaratis, By The Gujaratis”.

Before Launching Oho Gujarati, Abhishek Jain’s journey to Gujarati Film Industry is almost a decade old and he is one of the acclaimed personalities of the Gujarati entertainment industry of the current time.

With the Oho Gujarati OTT Platform, there is another entry to the category and that is Letsflix. Launched by Narendra Firodia, Rahul Narvekar and Drummi Bhatt, Letsflix will stream world-class entertainment content in vernacular language. However similar to Oho Gujarati, this Letsflix is not dedicated to the Gujarati language but it will include shows from Marathi, Bangla, Bhojpuri and other languages as well. Letsflix Gujarati will showcase content from all corners of the state in the Gujarati, Kathiyawadi and Kutchi language. The content will include but not be limited to hit movies, stand-up comedy, web series, plays, Dayros and Bhavai.

The entry of the Gujarati OTT platform is surely a matter of pride for the Gujarati film industry as well as for all Gujarati audiences. It will certainly boost the morale of struggling as well as established artists, writers, directors and singers and open a new endeavour for them. Gujarati OTT Platform is not only for the audience in Gujarat but for every Gujarati living across the world.

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