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The Kite Museum Ahmedabad

The Kite Museum Ahmedabad

The Kite Museum AhmedabadPatang – The Kite Museum Ahmedabad

Kite Museum Ahmedabad is one of the best place to visit in the city for the one who loves to explore the authentic taste of culture. Situated at the home of International Kite Festival, Ahmedabad City; this Kite Museum also known as Patang Museum presents one of its kind collection of kites in the world. The Kite Museum in Ahmedabad city is located at the basement of Sanskar Kendra, Ahmedabad City Museum building, Paldi. It exhibits an extraordinary collection of rare kites collected over a time of 50 years by kite lover Mr. Bhanubhai Shah. The museum shows an awesome collection of kites showing from the dates of 200 BC to 1985 and till date.

Ahmedabad is home to various museums and toursti places which reflect the true sense of city’s culture, history and anthropology. There are also ancient infrastructures, temples, mosques, iconic places that speaks a lot about the city and its root. One such place in the city is Kite Museum Ahmedabad. The city is most famous for its love and celebrations for every festivals and kind of that is the Makar Sankranti. Fondly celebrated by every Ahmedabadi from heart. Collections of kites at Kite Museum Ahmedabad varies from different time period and from different parts of the world. It shows kites from ancient times to till date. This small museum has collection of more than 125 kites which is a tempting experience for kids. This museum of Ahmedabad is dedicated to all kite lovers of the city.

Kite flying is one of the major celebration of the Ahmedabad city. During this period sky is full of colorful kites. Also, the international kite fetival at Ahmedabad Sabarmati River Front draws many international kite lovers to the city to exhibit their different types of kites and kite flying skills. Certain areas of the city are also hub of kite making, specially the old city part of Khadiya, Kalupur and Dariapur.

The Kite Museum Image Gallery


This museum is dedicated to the kite collection of Bhanubhai Shah. It has not only display of kites, but also varities of material used in kite making and more. There are also kites collected from Japan. You can see various kites with mirror work on it and with block print. Other highlights are the kites hand printed with the images of religious characters.

There are varieties of kites one can see in this Kite Museum Ahmedabad including a kite crafted from 400 pieces of papers and other kites with different colors and materials. The museum of Ahmedabad city is one of the top attractions of the city. The collection of such kites have been initiated by Mr. Bhanubhai Shah, who over a fifty years collected and treasured such uniquely crafted kites of different colors, sizes and shapes. It includes the biggest kite in collection in size of 22 feet by 16 feet to some of the very small kite as well. The collection at the Kite Museum Ahmedabad also includes kites with paintings of Radha Krishna, crafted scene of Garba – the traditional dance of Gujarat, Aabhla – mirror work and block prints. This collection is very interesting and especially kids love to see it. There are also a kites made from different raw materials like paper, cotton, spinnaker nylon and plastics. Visitors can also see the Rokoku, the Japanese kite most plentifully designed and decorated inside the Kite Museum. There are also a touch of history on kites with a painting of Nehru and Gandhiji.

Visitors to their tour of this Kite Museum Ahmedabad can also get the information about kites and it’s history. Some of the information like kite’s use in war for aerial photography with camera mounted on it and lantern attached with kite and string for signaling are some of the information that people can get from this museum. Kites are in displays from the countries like Korea, Malaysia and USA as well. A visit to this Ahmedabad museum will give detailed information related to this ancient Indian sport and surely capture the imagination of people of all age.

Patang – The Kite Museum Ahmedabad

Address: Sankar Kender
Bhagtacharya Road
Kocharab, Paldi
Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380007

Kite Museum Ahmedabad Location