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Adivasi (Tribal) Museum Ahmedabad

Adivasi (Tribal) Museum Ahmedabad

Adivasi (Tribal) Museum AhmedabadAdivasi Museum Ahmedabad

Adivasi Museum Ahmedabad has a unique story to articulate. Ahmedabad is a city of history and heritage. One can find lots of things related to the ancient era to the pre-independence period here in Ahmedabad. There are lots of museums, galleries, heritage places, temples, mosques and other iconic places in Ahmedabad that make this city unique and differentiate it from others. Most of the museums in Ahmedabad talks about the city’s heritage, its relation and golden periods during different rulers including Mughals, its industrial revolutions and more, there is one museum that sets apart from this all. One such museum in Ahmedabad city is The Adivasi Museum Ahmedabad.

Adivasi Museum in Ahmedabad city is one of its kind museums that one cannot find easily in other parts of India. The development of this museum in Ahmedabad was started in 1962 with the opening of the Adivasi Research and Training Center at well-known Gujarat Vidyapith in 1962. Based on this institute the Adivasi Museum was established in the year of 1965 to exhibits the artifacts related to Adivasi lives.

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A very significant action done by the Adivasi Museum is the detailed elaboration of tribal life through facts, culture and art. There is a good display of photographs related to tribal culture in the museum. Also, there is a library that exhibits different 25 films from different tribal areas. The museum exhibits details of 23 out of 25 tribal communities of Gujarat. This is one of the museums that not only showcase the exhibit articles but also provide helpful information related to Adivasi lifestyle, clothes, culture and other aspects of their life displayed in an active manner inside the museum. Also visitors can find their clothes and traditional dresses, ornaments, toys made from metal and clay, musical instruments, household articles and instruments of professions inside Adivasi Museum Ahmedabad.

This museum of Ahmedabad city is a place for depicting the life and style of tribal communities in the Gujarat state.

Adivasi Museum Ahmedabad

Gujarat Vidhyapith Campus,
Ahmedabad – 380014
E-mail :
Phone Number : 079-27545165


Monday to Friday – 11:00 hrs to 17:30 hrs
Saturday: 11:00 hrs to 16:30 hrs
Closed on Sundays & Public Holidays

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